Women's Rights

$ 14.00

Childbirth is a "supergroup" in the sense its members are all in other hit bands (Julia Shapiro of Chastity Belt, Bree Mckenna of Tacocat, Stacy Peck of Pony Time) and also that they do good for the world while in costume.

Childbirth's forthcoming album, Women's Rights, is piss-your-pants funny - subject matter includes a trashy friend bringing coke to a baby shower ("Baby Bump") characteristics that warrant an instant "swipe left" on Tinder ("Siri, Open Tinder") and dating vapid IT douches ("Tech Bro."). Lyrics on Women's Rights are highly quotable - from "Tech Bro": "I'll let you explain feminism to me/If I can use your HD TV."

Like the majority of effective political art, Women's Rights shows rather than telling. The songs describe what is fucked up in the world so evocatively that it needs no commentary, and always with a biting sense of humor.

The LP is limited to 1000 copies on Dish Glove Yellow vinyl. A digital download card for MP3s is included.

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