Past Lives

Strange Symmetry

$ 11.99

During the cold months of 2008 Past Lives recorded some new songs. "Beyond Gone" announces the band's arrival with "no curtain call." Guitars seethe and snarl. Contempt hangs in the air. "Strange Symmetry" recalls the hypnotizing lock step of The Monorchid. Continually building. Increasingly frantic. Finally breezy. "Skull Lender" rides a feral gallop of desire for memory erasure. The plinky din of jackpot slots couches the fateful ascent of "Reverse The Curse." Sparse glitches flash. "Chrome Life" is a Neu-inspired run to the sun. Guitars and synths awake bleary-eyed and bleed within carefully considered lines. There is a timeless collective instinct at work here.

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