Russian Circles


$ 14.00

On, Geneva, Russian Circles expand on what they’ve done best all along; the rhythm section hijacks the melody and goes cruising for trouble. Dave Turncrantz is not only an insanely lithe drummer but a great conductor as well: the dynamic control he exerts is endlessly pleasing to listen to... Brian Cook, now fully integrated as the band’s bassist, contributes massive, earth-moving low-end and malevolent texture from bowed instruments and electric bass... Equally breathtaking are Mike Sullivan’s compositions: layered parts that four separate guitarists would have difficulty executing, looped in evolving patterns that rarely repeat note for note...

Geneva is a linear, ruthlessly gorgeous album. There’s barely a breath between tracks, but there’s a rhyme and reason to its every nuance; no tangent is allowed to branch off without careful analysis of where it may lead... The band is never uncertain or ambivalent about their next move... Listen, and become immersed in a master class of timbre and tonal sculpting, classic both in level and scope.

Russian Circles are Mike Sullivan, Dave Turncrantz, and Brian Cook.

Geneva was engineered by Greg Norman, at Electrical Audio and produced by Brandon Curtis, of The Secret Machines.

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