The Coathangers

143 (Dan Deacon Remix) / Arthritis Sux (Judi Chicago Remix)

$ 1.98

Limited to 750 hand numbered copies! Atlanta's ladies hand two of their beloved tracks (143 and Arthritis Sux from their Suicide Squeeze debut, "Scramble") to Dan Deacon and Judi Chicago for the specialist treatment... What emerges is pure, ringing joy; from JC's bounce-down dub to the pulsing 'closing-credits' anthem Deacon somehow Frankenstein's from the band's original tracks. Includes a coupon for a free digital download of the single in MP3 format. S-"A mix of riot-grrrl vitriol and eyelash-batting charm- the aural equivalent of getting mugged by a Girl Scout" - Nylon

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