dumb bitch

$ 1.29

In a perfect world, we’d all be comfortable with our bodies. And we’d all be respectful of how other people choose to present and share their bodies with others. For a moment, it seemed the internet could help usher in this perfect world by providing a platform of interaction where physical appearances were a matter of our own invention. But of course, the assholes ruin everything. As soon as cumgirl8 began exploring the artistic possibilities of fusing the URL world with in-the-flesh performances, the assholes had to come in and ban them from social media platforms because of their name. Puritans, TERFS, and homophobes always find a way to impose their bullshit on the gender outlaws and sexual provocateurs of our times. Well, cumgirl8 has had enough of the archaic mores and narrow-minded values. On their latest single “dumb bitch,” the Brooklyn quartet take the punk attitude of The Slits and the scrappy after-hours throb of early electroclash and meld it into a dance-floor anthem of defiance and non-conformity. “Gender and sexual politics are the overarching point of the song,” says bassist Lida Fox, “but it also gets into how these dynamics play out in a society ruled by capitalism… how the roles we’re expected to play can become toxic and hypocritical to how we truly feel and so often we find ourselves stuck in patterns that hurt ourselves and those we love. It’s exploring the space between romance, masochism, pleasure, narcissism, and the balance of how much we give and take in our relationships.” So while you feel the four-on-the-floor kick drum, bask in the distorted bass riffage, and relish the squelching synths, you can also flex your head with cumgirl8’s radical call for personal liberation. Suicide Squeeze is proud to offer up cumgirl8’s “dumb bitch” as a part of their Pinks & Purples Digital Singles Series.