$ 1.29

Suicide Squeeze Records is proud to release the latest entry in their Pinks & Purples digital single series, the malignant post-post-punk anthem “Riverstone” by Brighton, UK quintet DITZ. Fueled by the low-end pulse of bassist Caleb Remnant’s Moog Sub Phatty, the violent drumming of Sam Evans, the furious and fractured guitars of Jack Looker and Anton Mocock, and the acerbic vocals of Cal Francis, “Riverstone” is a three-minute exercise in tension-baiting grooves and explosive noise-addled climaxes, a perfect continuation of the adrenalizing throb-and-squall clamor they made on their critically acclaimed debut album, last year’s The Great Regression. Like a nervous amalgam of Death Grips’ blown out bass frequencies, This Heat’s jittery spasms, and Young Widows’ imposing oratory, DITZ have created a sound that’s equally suited for degraded dance floor gyrations and forward-thinking hardcore shows. At times a blurry tirade against invasive social media and at other times a celebration of cheap rolling tobacco, “Riverstone” was crafted while the band was on tour and deep in the delirium of road fatigue as an ode to the hallucinatory spirit of their exhaustion. “Riverstone” by DITZ is available on digital platforms on June 5, 2023.