Hinds / Los Nastys

El Sueño De Benilandia

$ 9.99

Punk rock exploded on the international scene just as Spain was awakening from the end of Franco’s 35-year regime. And while new freedoms for an old country meant a blossoming of art and culture, the combination of geographical obstacles, a struggling economy, and prejudices towards the countries of the Iberian Peninsula meant that the Spanish underground music scene operated with added urgency, it also operated in relative isolation. But as anyone that’s dug into Spanish punk could tell you, the scene has an unparalleled vibrancy. Suicide Squeeze Records is proud to spread the word on this exciting community by way of a split 7” by two of Madrid’s most ecstatic contemporary garage rock bands—the fiery quartet Hinds and the psych-tinged scorchers Los Nastys. In a nod to Madrid’s close-knit underground circuit, the longstanding musical tradition of covers, and the band’s mutual admiration, the split 7” features the two bands tackling each others’ songs. Side A finds Hinds covering Los Nastys’ pop gem “Holograma” while the flipside finds Los Nastys’ doing a rave-up of Hinds’ “Castigadas En El Granero.” The record is both an unabashed party and an exciting document of an oft-overlooked scene. The first pressing consists of 1000 copies on translucent blood red vinyl and comes with a download coupon.