The Six Parts Seven

Silence Magnifies Sound

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Six Parts Seven: Silence Magnifies Sound
Album number two.
Recorded in 1998, and not released until 2000.
Silence Magnifies Sound.
This title: It's the heart-wood, solid behind this music.
Less is always more.
Hear the notes, experience the space that opens behind them;
And, feel, for a second,
What you have forgotten among the things that truly matter.

Here is where things blur: Vortex and swirl.
Six Parts Seven was born in 1995, when we recorded our first album (cassette release only).
Started out on, no joke,
Lonesome Road, in Brady Lake, Ohio. Not giving a fuck about anyone else's music...
Six Parts Seven, at this time, played pure.
Partly a punk reaction to the early 90's DIY scene of bombastically loud music.
This band forged their own path, prior to Explosions in the Sky, and years before Mogwai hit the states.
Call it synergy. Call it bullshit. Either, this is your jam, or, it's not.

Keep in mind: The real magic in all music - is that the listener completes the art.

Silence Magnifies your own sound.


Allen Karpinski - guitar, other
Jay Karpinski - drums
Tim Gerak - guitar, lap steel guitar, other
Brad Visker - bass
Heather Wiker - viola

Recorded by Chris Keffer
Artwork by Michael Loderstedt
Layout by Ken Meyer

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