The Six Parts Seven

The Attitudes of Collapse

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The Six Parts Seven: The Attitudes of Collapse
An important transitionary recording, 
leading to the departure of a core-player (a singular occasion).
Try and imagine a title that speaks more to our present day chaos...
Astonishing: The human need behind it all.
The music itself speaking to deep desire for connection that - 
in many cases - no longer exists.

The album art-work, drawings of the band,
at practice, by Christa Donner, international artist,
teacher, and organizer. Comic strip style rendition of an original photograph,
by Russell Lee. 
Two people that inspired, and nurtured us via their contributions.

And here is when things blur: Vortex and swirl.
In late '95 when The Six Parts Seven recorded the first 'unofficial' album,
A cassette-only release limited to 50-copies.
Had started playing this music on Lonesome Road, in Brady Lake, Ohio,
Not giving a fuck about anyone else was doing...
the band played pure; in part a 'punk' reaction, two-fingers in the air,
to Whomever, you and I.

This band forged it's path.
Prior to the fireworks going off in the sky, and all the explosion's resonance;
Years before Scotland's gremlins crossed the sea.
Call it synergy, call bullshit? Either this is your thing, or, it is not.

Keep in mind: 
The real magic in all music - is that the listener completes the art.


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