White Woods

Where Did You Go

$ 1.98

Guitarist/vocalist Julia Kugel established her chops with Atlanta’s The Coathangers, winning audiences over with her deceptively clever hooks and propulsive upbeat energy. But as the band put more notches on their touring and recording belt, it became clear that there was more to their repertoire than jagged guitar lines and infectious charm. Asserting her abilities as a thoughtful and nuanced songwriter, Kugel offers up her debut solo offering under the name White Woods. The project provides the kind of soulful introspective pop The Coathangers hinted at with songs like “Go Away”, but delivered in a context without the juxtaposition of the band’s barnburner garage rock numbers. The songs showcase Kugel’s beguiling forays into forlorn Americana and smoky, subdued blues. Limited to 500 (100 lavender, 400 black vinyl) worldwide.

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