Black Lips / The Coathangers

Freedom Fries

$ 10.00

How is it that we’re only now seeing a split 7” between Black Lips and The Coathangers? Shouldn’t this have happened years ago? It’s as if both bands were locked in alternate garage rock orbits, making elliptical runs around the globe, rotating around the same hometown center of Atlanta, Georgia, but only rarely crossing paths for a short tour or a random one-off show. Given both bands’ prolific output of 7” singles and split EPs, it seems crazy that it’s taken nearly a decade of coexistence and mutual admiration for the Peach State’s two favorite troublemakers to team up on a slab of vinyl. Well, the stars finally aligned and the result is a fleeting, glorious cosmic event. Black Lips deliver “Freedom Fries”, an instant classic combining the countrified piss and vinegar of cowpunk with the immediate gratification of Southern power pop icons Big Star. The Coathangers once again remind us why they’re our favorite heirs to The Raincoats’ throne with their indignant anthem “Watch Your Back”.” This one-two punch of a split 7” is limited to 1000 copies (download cards included) and comes out Friday, November 13th courtesy of Suicide Squeeze Records.  Keep your eyes peeled for this one—who knows how long we’ll have to wait for the trajectories of these two bands to cross again. 

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